Aquariums & Kids

For a lot of families, aquariums provide a good day of fun for the kids as well as a great learning trip for everyone! Just ask my cousin and her kids!

Anyway something I noticed, is the way that people use their on-camera flashes while trying to take photos of the fish in the tank…

1. People use hard, on-camera flash which reflects off the glass (It’s extremely stressful to the fish to take photos with the flash on, hence the no flash photography sign).

2. They are usually not using the right setting, often resulting in a big reflection off the glass, and not photo of the fish.

This led to a little dilemma. How do I take photos of the kids without using flash. Simple answer: Don’t use the flash. Problem is… the point and shoot’s ISO and shutter speed aren’t adjustable (in my case it was just a phone I was using of course).

No flash indoors with ambient coming from the tank results in silhouettes. Time it correctly and you can get a great postcard moment! >>

<< No flash used here, thankfully the ambient was enough to not need any fill lighting from the flash

So next best thing: put the camera on the ‘portrait night scene’ mode to get the great background in while still being able to light the kids. I know what you’re thinking: “but you just said using the flash stresses the fish out”

and you’re right, I did say that, but I waited till the fish were well away from the people in the scene, which means actually doing a fairly wide-angle shot, just to try and keep the amount of stress inflicted down to a minimum. I know that I’m only one out of hundreds that will pass through that day who will at least consider that using my flash stresses the animals out.

Leah and the kids. There was a big, ugly flash reflection in the glass on the right, luckily I know how to use the clone tool 😉 >>

<< Emmerson, was way more interested in her snack than the Beluga Whales in the background

All photos taken with my Sony Ericsson Satio


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