The Runaway Bride

The opportunity arose recently to do some work with good friends of mine Roxy & Nicole of Alexandra Knoxx Bridal Couture Wear. They had a new catalogue to shoot and I needed some wedding-esque photos for my portfolio!

So the first challenge with this shoot was the weather. It was meant to be an outdoor, sunny weather-look shoot, but the weather was really, really crap…

Luckily I had lights strong enough to over power the ambient light, and as a result I still managed to get great shots!

The second challenge was getting the detail on the wedding gowns to show up. This was accomplished by placing the lights in such a way that shadows and highlights were created (usually to the side of the model) as opposed to being filled in by placing the light directly behind the photographer.

In the case of the photo on the right, you will notice the detail mainly in the gown’s ruffles on the train but you will can also see the fine beading on the corset area quite easily. By keeping the stronger key light behind the model we create a nice separation from the background, but also force the viewer to take note of the elements on the front of the gown.

we create a nice separation light from the background


Over here, on the left, I used the available ambient light coming in through a big open door way to light the model. Again, the light coming down from above, helped to show off the fine details in the corset area as well as folds in the train

In the image on the right, we can again see the nice detail of the folds in the train at the back of the gown thanks to the shadows created from the natural light coming from above through the door way on the left.

“I used the available ambient light “

After a full day of shooting I was thoroughly exhausted, and still had my bags to pack before I left for my vacation overseas! And so ended my last shoot in SA with my old gear…


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