Cutting the Cheese

Copyright© Justin Lee 2008

This isn’t going to be the toilet humour piece that the title of this article suggests, rather it’s about how a lot of photography has silly or lame effects and post-production photoshopping in order to make images look ‘cool’. These images are obviously not cool and definitely make the photos and the subjects in the photo look ridiculous. More so the photographer just comes off as having no skill and it could hurt their reputation.

I seem to be coming across a lot of photos lately from photographers who seem to think that a good photo is made up of badly composed subjects and poor editing. You know what I’m talking about… those effects that are lame, and look like they came out of kiddies colouring books. Actually that would be giving too much credit to those effects.

Part of the problem in my opinion is that nobody tells these photographers/photoshoppers that what they’re doing is actually shit. This can be likened to Idols rejects: The guys who are on the first few episodes auditioning. The contestants that everyone at home laughs their arses’ off at because they can’t sing to save their lives and make complete idiots of themselves.

See the thing is, they don’t know that they’re bad because the people they ask for opinions either don’t have the balls to tell them that they suck or don’t know any better themselves.

Here’s a tip: Ask someone who is in the same field that you’re trying to get into or that you feel is qualified or experienced enough to give you a proper opinion and possibly even advice on how you can better yourself.

Recently a website featuring this ‘cheesy’ photography, was made the subject of much ridicule on twitter. The website in question is that of a modelling agency in Port Elizabeth and claims to provide “high quality portfolios”. A quick look at the website will tell you differently. Bangers & Nash does a full comedic review of this site in not 1 but 2 posts. (Click the links for the First Article and Second Article)

Below are a couple of cheesy pics with bad effects and shitty photoshopping. I’ve only included 2 because there are just way too many examples to give. Note the bubble effect in the child’s photo and the translucency of the male model in the second pic. It’s almost as if he was a ghost. Note also the poor deep etching around his head….

Worse than than the poor photoshopping and crappy effects is the fact that people paid good, hard earned cash to get such shitty images back, only to have them laughed at by the entire internet community. Would you be happy looking at bad photos of your special day, especially after having spent a substantial fee for them?

Here’s another hint folks: Check out the portfolio of the photographer. Ask them how long they’ve been in the business for. These little things will save you a lot of heartache. The extra money spent on a good reputable photographer is money well spent.

At the end of the day, photos are there to capture moments in time, and if you look like an idiot in a photo, chances are you’re going to be looking like an idiot for a very long time…


One thought on “Cutting the Cheese

  1. Great post! I’ve seen so many photos like that!

    I can’t imagine having my wedding photos look even remotely like that.. I want my day to be special and the memories of that day to be just as special. Crappy photos won’t help that!

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