Essentials For a Shoot

Image of camera equipment
Photo by Claudio Matsuoka

Whether you’re shooting in studio or on location there are a few items that a photographer should have with them when conducting a shoot.

Aside from the obvious and standard gear (camera, batteries, lenses, memory cards, flashes, tripod, cables), the following are some items that I think a photographer should have with them:

 ” Very handy when on location!”

– Multi-tool (for when there are those tricky mishaps that need something pried out, cut off or screwed in. Cue McGuyver music)

– Tape (standard clear tape and industrial strength gaffer tape for sticking things down, like odd flaps on boxes or strobes to a wall)

– Bungee ball-cords/Cable ties (great for tying things down)

– Safety pins or pegs (serving the same purpose as tape but more for clothing or material)

– Bottle(s) of water (for washing hands, quenching thirst, cleaning gear. Very handy when on location!)

– Tissues (for drying up and wiping down)

– iPod (filled with various genres of music to suit everyone’s tastes. Most studios will have a sound system where you can plug your music in to help keep everyone a little sane)

ipod shuffle

– Portable speaker (for when the studio doesn’t have a sound system. Great on location for when electricity is in short supply)

– Business cards (because you never know who might be in need of your services)

Think I’ve left something out? Leave your suggestions in the comments below


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