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Great post by my friend Michelle who is a top make up artist in Cape Town

Mish Tot Hed

When it comes to make up and making up one’s face, one of the most important things, if not the most important thing is having perfect skin. Especially when it comes to photo shoots, having flawless skin is a must.

It’s understandable that most women not in the industry might struggle with this, so I have decided to write blog posts on all things make up to help out.

One of the most vital things when it comes to getting a perfect canvas is having a well moisturised face to start. If you have dry skin, moisturise plenty before applying your foundation. I like using MAC’s Strobe cream. It gives the skin great moisture, but if you don’t have it, any moisturiser will do.  Let it sink into the skin for a few minutes before applying concealer and foundation.

When it comes to choosing the right foundation colour, a lot…

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It’s Been A While

It’s been 2 years since I went overseas on an eye-opening, 2 month vacation. I was very fortunate to spend some time with my family staying in Hong Kong and in Canada.

Going down the Cable Car

The bulk of the trip was spent in Vancouver as I’d never been before and at the time I was considering making a move there to try to make a new start of things. I got to experience a new culture, a new way of life and for a while I really thought I’d be there permanently…

Essentials For a Shoot

Image of camera equipment
Photo by Claudio Matsuoka

Whether you’re shooting in studio or on location there are a few items that a photographer should have with them when conducting a shoot.

Aside from the obvious and standard gear (camera, batteries, lenses, memory cards, flashes, tripod, cables), the following are some items that I think a photographer should have with them:

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Cutting the Cheese

Copyright© Justin Lee 2008

This isn’t going to be the toilet humour piece that the title of this article suggests, rather it’s about how a lot of photography has silly or lame effects and post-production photoshopping in order to make images look ‘cool’. These images are obviously not cool and definitely make the photos and the subjects in the photo look ridiculous. More so the photographer just comes off as having no skill and it could hurt their reputation.

I seem to be coming across a lot of photos lately from photographers who seem to think that a good photo is made up of badly composed subjects and poor editing. You know what I’m talking about… those effects that are lame, and look like they came out of kiddies colouring books. Actually that would be giving too much credit to those effects.

Part of the problem in my opinion is that nobody tells these photographers/photoshoppers that what they’re doing is actually shit. This can be likened to Idols rejects: The guys who are on the first few episodes auditioning. The contestants that everyone at home laughs their arses’ off at because they can’t sing to save their lives and make complete idiots of themselves.

See the thing is, they don’t know that they’re bad because the people they ask for opinions either don’t have the balls to tell them that they suck or don’t know any better themselves.

Here’s a tip: Ask someone who is in the same field that you’re trying to get into or that you feel is qualified or experienced enough to give you a proper opinion and possibly even advice on how you can better yourself.

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No More Parties

A little while ago I did photos for a birthday party. A 1 year old’s birthday party… and while it wasn’t a very difficult event to shoot, it just didn’t satisfy me photographically.
“I’ve been doing event photos since the early ’00s”
I’ve been doing event photos since the early ’00s and while it was fun back then, and perhaps a means to an end (party money), it doesn’t hold true any longer. These kind of things seem to be an effort for me, and perhaps it has something to do with me easing back on the social scene, but one thing is for sure: If it continues down this path, then I won’t be doing photos at birthday parties (and club events either) for much longer.
The downside to this of course is the loss of social interaction. For years it was how I got to meet new people, and thanks to doing event photos I learned how to interact with people. I became a whore for social interaction. I craved it… It was a great way to network, It still is a great way to network, and not doing events gives you a bit of a knock in that sense. All that means though, is that I need to be more active with marketing and network better (without my camera as a starting point for conversation)
One other downside is that it’s fairly easy money that I’m turning down. Events are a dime a dozen and most want an event photographer. But getting them to pay your your rate is another story… and of course you have to convince them that Thunda and the likes are not enough.
I guess at the end of the day I want the association with me and ‘party photos’ to be tossed. It’s a hard image to lose. I want to be known as ‘THAT’ photographer not for being at all the parties and taking photos of the patrons, but for my photographic skill and vision.

The Runaway Bride

The opportunity arose recently to do some work with good friends of mine Roxy & Nicole of Alexandra Knoxx Bridal Couture Wear. They had a new catalogue to shoot and I needed some wedding-esque photos for my portfolio!

So the first challenge with this shoot was the weather. It was meant to be an outdoor, sunny weather-look shoot, but the weather was really, really crap…

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