Ultra SA Blew My Mind, But Will It Continue To Do So?

Ultra SA knocked on our doors, partied hard and fast with us, then left as fast as they had come in, but the memories of the party are still on a playback loop


So Ultra SA knocked on our doors, partied hard and fast with us, then left as fast as they had come in, but the memories of the party are still on a playback loop not unlike that of a record player with a skipping needle.

The good news is, is that it wasn’t just a once off and if you didn’t know by now, the massive EDM party will be back for the next 5 years.

I was fortunate enough to organise a media pass and had quite a few of my images used by Ultra SA for social media purposes. A few of the headline DJ acts even shared and retweeted a few of the posts (yes I’m bragging, please make room for my head :P)!

For next year I;d like to see a better production in terms of the visual awe. Don’t get me wrong, the light show was impressive, as were the pyrotechnics, but when you compare it to the setups of Ultra Miami and Tomorrowland, it’s almost like having a 2 year old’s art compared to a renaissance master. Good effort, but there’s some big shoes to fill. So with the commitment to return to SA shores for the next 5 years, does this mean that the stage setups and overall production will be ramped up as well? One can only hope.

But until next year, let’s keep the electric party mood going throughout 2014! See some of the photos I took below.


For the rest of the pics, feel free to visit the Ultra SA link on my website by clicking here

No More Parties

A little while ago I did photos for a birthday party. A 1 year old’s birthday party… and while it wasn’t a very difficult event to shoot, it just didn’t satisfy me photographically.
“I’ve been doing event photos since the early ’00s”
I’ve been doing event photos since the early ’00s and while it was fun back then, and perhaps a means to an end (party money), it doesn’t hold true any longer. These kind of things seem to be an effort for me, and perhaps it has something to do with me easing back on the social scene, but one thing is for sure: If it continues down this path, then I won’t be doing photos at birthday parties (and club events either) for much longer.
The downside to this of course is the loss of social interaction. For years it was how I got to meet new people, and thanks to doing event photos I learned how to interact with people. I became a whore for social interaction. I craved it… It was a great way to network, It still is a great way to network, and not doing events gives you a bit of a knock in that sense. All that means though, is that I need to be more active with marketing and network better (without my camera as a starting point for conversation)
One other downside is that it’s fairly easy money that I’m turning down. Events are a dime a dozen and most want an event photographer. But getting them to pay your your rate is another story… and of course you have to convince them that Thunda and the likes are not enough.
I guess at the end of the day I want the association with me and ‘party photos’ to be tossed. It’s a hard image to lose. I want to be known as ‘THAT’ photographer not for being at all the parties and taking photos of the patrons, but for my photographic skill and vision.